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Nanotech : The Invisible Revolution

From 3/9/2016 to 4/2/2017
Musée de la Civilisation - Québec, Canada

The technology of the infinitely small is already part of our everyday lives. The explosive rise of nanotechnology raises important issues, derived from its extraordinary potential.

This exhibition is designed and produced by Musées de la civilisation with the participation of PRIMA QUÉBEC and its partners.​
​A Fantastic Voyage in NanoWorld

Today's "nanos" can be found in electronic gadgets, cosmetics, sports equipment, and medical treatments. Thousands more promising new applications are also on the way.  

Nanotechnology has drawn on as well as influenced science fiction, sometimes in dark visions of a future world where humanity is at the mercy of developments in technology. Such future images can affect public perceptions. Debates have intensified, and in the last few decades enthusiasm for scientific discoveries has increasingly given way to a certain wariness. 

Visitors will be encouraged to make up their own minds about current issues in nanotech development.​

Influence of Exhibition on Visitors' opinions (laste update : 17 June 2016)


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