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nanoSAFE 2023 and NanoSafety Cluster Topics

Published on 17 June 2020


Topic 1. Methods, tools, and technologies for SSbD purposes

Session chairs: Andrew Nelson, Andreas Falk & Araceli Sanchez Jimenez

The aim of this topic is to gather all SSbD initiatives and projects aiming at developing tools and methodologies for SSbD assessments as well as novel technologies applicable in the (re)design phase of material, product and process development.

Keywords: methods; tools; infrastructure; platforms; data; safety; sustainability; exposure; hazard; risk; impacts


Topic 2. Implementation of the SSbD concept in Case Studies

Session chairs: Socorro Vazquez & Anna Costa

The focus of this topic is the exchange of experience and information among individuals, projects, or organizations involved in specifc SSbD case studies, proposing perspectives from different segments of the value chain.

Keywords: advanced materials; products; services; engineered nanomaterials; nanoenabled products; value chain; life cycle; industry; democase; safety; sustainability


Topic 3. Transferability and acceptability of the concept of SSbD

Session chairs: Carlos Fito & Claire Mays

This topic is dedicated to link those people working on stakeholder engagement, acceptance and transfer of SSbD concepts and tools to be used by the different actors of the value chain.

Keywords: stakeholder engagement; industrial uptake; SSbD adoption


Topic 4. Commonalities of the SSbD paradigm in innovation

Session chairs: Martin Himly & Anthony Bochon

This topic aims to emphasize the link between design, safety and sustainability for advanced materials with a broad focus on innovation.

Keywords : safety; sustainability; design ; eco-design; innovation; framework; TRL level


Topic 5. From nanomaterials risk assessment to risk governance, a journey through regulation and standardization

Session chairs: Flemming Cassee, Elisabeth Heunisch & Monique Groenewold

This topic highlights the link between risk assessment methodologies and risk governance in the context of the international regulations and the applicable standards driving SSbD innovation.

Keywords: characterisation methods for safety assessment of nanomaterials; New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) in toxicology and risk assessment; risk assessment; risk management; decision support tools for advanced materials; categorisation and grouping; exposure assessment; hazard assessment


Topic 6. Characterization of advanced materials, including nano materials

Session chairs: Eva Valsami-Jones & Miguel Bañares

The focus of this topic is the novel developments in characterization techniques and methods for advanced materials, including nano materials.

Keywords: material characterisation; emerging challenges for advanced materials; Process Analytical Technologies (PATs); metrology ; standardization ; aerosols; uncertainty;  robustness


Topic 7. Modelling, digitalization of nanosafety and data management

Session chairs: Antreas Afantitis & Tomasz Puzyn

This topic aims to highlight the intimate bond among the operationalization of nanosafety and more extensively SSbD concepts, the digital transition, and the EU Green Deal. As computational tools become more and more advanced for predicting the behaviour of advanced materials as well as the outcome of SSbD assessments, it is clear that a proper data management and the implementation of FAIR data practices will contribute strongly to boost further the operationalization of the SSbD concept.

Keywords: biokinetics; systems biology and mechanistic insights; nanoinformatics; predictive Modelling; knowledge graphs, Adverse Outcome Pathways; Multiscale materials modelling; emerging digital platforms for data and modelling;         interoperability; FAIR data; materials traceability; digital passport;           data quality assessment approaches; promoting data reuse


Topic 8. Micro and nanoplastics pollution

Session chairs: Mark Morrison & Lesley Tobin

The aim of this topic is to give an overview on the state of the art, and to gather insights and novel results on micro and nanoplastic pollutants (MNP) and their characterization. Besides, this session aims to highlight the running and upcoming initiatives aiming at transferring the research knowledge into policies and regulations

Keywords: Micro and nanoplastic pollutants; MNP analytical methodologies; Fate and effects of MNP on human helaths; Policy and Regulatory needs; Data management and information gaps (eNanoMapper, IPCheM); policy transfer; risk assessment, management and frameworks (DSS); MNP state of the art; additives and adsorbed contaminants


Topic 9. NanoTech Talks: advances in the nano industry

Session chairs: Steffi Friedrichs & Sean Kelly

In this session, the recent advances in nanotechnology and characterization of advanced materials will be presented by industrial partners of the nanoSAFE '23 & NanoSafety Cluster joint conference.

Keywords : industry; nanotechnology; characterization